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The Setup Dialog

Use this dialog to set up positions.

Click a piece on the right side and drag it to the board.
Drag pieces off the board to delete them.

Please note that you can only set up legal positions, i.e. positions that can appear in a normal game of chess. For example, jose will not accept positions:

White Moves

Use the radio buttons to select the color that moves next (white or black).


Enter here the current move number.


Check the castlings that are allowed in the current position.

FRC Castling

Allow castlings in Fischer Random Chess, where castling rules are a bit different.


Select a start position for Fischer Random Chess, or Shuffle Chess.
All possible starting positions for FRC are numbered from 1 to 960.
Possible starting positions for Shuffle Chess are numbered from 1 to 2880.

To set up a FRC position, enter a number from 1 to 960 and press the return key. Or press the "dice" button to choose a position by random.


Clear the board completely.

Initial Position

Setup the initial position.

Copy Main Panel

Copy the position from The Board Panel .

FEN string

Copy the current position to the system clipboard, as a FEN string.
FEN is a common format for chess positions that is understood by many chess applications. For example, a FEN string might look like this:
r2q1rk1/1p4pp/2p1bp2/1n2p3/pQ6/P2P1NP1/4PPBP/1RR3K1 b - - 0 22


Paste a FEN position from the system clipboard.
You should take care that the system clipboard contains a valid FEN string, otherwise it will not produce a useful result.

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