Java System Properties

These properties are passed on the command line when starting jose:
jose.exe [-Dkey=value]*
java -jar jose.jar [-Dkey=value]*

User preferences are stored in the user.prf files. Certain parts of the preferences can be ignored when starting the application.

Property Default Value  
Global Settings
jose.workdir current directory jose working directory
jose.db see config/defaults.xml database server, as defined in config/database.xml
jose.datadir workdir/database database directory
jose.splash true show splash screen on startup true show exceptions to the user
jose.log true log errors to errors.log file
jose.3d true enable 3D view
jose.2d.double.buffer false for board panel, true for all other panels enable double buffering for board view
jose.framerate false log 3D frame rate true enable native skin functions
jose.unique.strings true avoid duplicate entries for indentical strings (players, events, etc.); recommended
jose.sys.collections true show all games in the list window, including those in the trash
jose.asynch.import false run insert statements in a separate thread (not recommended)
User Preferences
jose.discard.profile false create a new user profile with factory settings
jose.discard.settings false use factory settings (colors, languages, etc.)
jose.discard.layout false use factory layout
jose.discard.styles false use factory text styles
jose.discard.history false ignore document history
Debug Options false log all system properties
jose.debug.sql false logs all database queries to std. out
jose.debug.commands false logs all GUI command to std. out
Other relevant Properties set by JVM default name for human player
user.language set by JVM default language for user interface
sun.java2d.fontpath   path to TrueType fonts