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The Export & Print Dialog

This dialog controls file exports and printing. You can choose various file or printing formats and either print or create files on disk.

It can be invoked from several places:

Page Setup

Use this tab to select a paper size.

Text Styles

Use this tab to change text styles.

Jose Archive

Creates a Jose Archive File. This is the fastest way to archive game data and uses the lease amount of disk space. Jose Archive files can be imported via Open... . If you want to interchange game data with other programs, you need create a PGN file (see below). See Jose Archive

PGN File

Creates PGN files. PGN is a widely used format for exchanging chess games between programs.
It is not meant for printing. See PGN File for details.


Prints games exactly like they appear in The Game Panel . See Print for details, or use the following format for more advanced print formatting.

PDF Print

Creates or prints PDF files. PDF is a widely used format for high-quality printable documents. See PDF Print for details.

HTML Web Page

Creates HTML pages for viewing with a Web browser. See HTML Web Page for details.

TeX File

Creates an output file that can be processed with LaTeX.

XML File

This file format is useful when creating customized output formats. You won't need it otherwise.


A short explanation how you can customize output formats.

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