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Porting to other Operating Systems

1. get a Java Runtime Environment

You need a Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or later. Download it from JREs from other vendors but Sun will probably not work.

2. get Java 3D

Java 3D is optional. If it is available for your platform, download it from, or from

Install it into the JRE directory.

3. get a MySQL database

Unless it is already installed on your system, download it from Version 4.0 is recommended, but 3.5 version should work, too. Do not use version 4.1.

Open the file <jose>/config/datasources.xml.

Look for the entry that has <display-name> MySQL. (Usually, there is only one entry)

In the connection-param section, add the following text:

		<param-name> mysqld </param-name>
		<param-value> /usr/bin/mysqld </param-value>
		<param-name> mysqladmin </param-name>
		<param-value> /usr/bin/mysqladmin </param-value>
Replace the paths with the actual paths on your system (i.e. the MySQL installation path)

4. get a Chess Engine

Crafty is a strong chess engine that is available for many UNIX platforms.
Download it from

Follow the build instructions.

Open the file <jose>/config/crafty.xml

in the EXEC section, add the following text:

        <EXEC os="current">
        	<COMMAND> /usr/bin/crafty </COMMAND>

os="current" tells jose that the binary file is meant to run on the current platform.

jose is looking for Mac OS X Testers !!

The Mac OS X version is not yet tested very well.
If you would like to help, please contact me.
Programming skills are not required.

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